Dali Paints Jerry Garcia, Revisited

At first it was tough to tell what to make of this absurd yet thought-provoking submission,but a little research turns up an interesting back-story.

First off, this isn’t exactly original art. Instead, it’s a subtle update to a piece entitled “Dali Paints Jerry Garcia,” originally created in March of 2009 by “thekillerbee” for an advanced Photoshop contest on FreakingNews.com.

Here’s the original:

Dali Paints Jerry Garcia

Then, the plot thickens. As it turns out, “thekillerbee” wasn’t totally original either. That piece was inspired by none other than Salvador Dalí. His 1954 oil-on-canvas painting “Crucifixion” similarly depicts a surrealist Crucifixion on a hypercube, minus a few key elements from the remake.

Here’s the Dalí painting:

Dali Crucifixion

Naturally, in true remixing spirit, the story doesn’t end there. Here’s an even newer evolution of the pic that’s come onto the scene:

Dali Paints Jerry Garcia, Revisited Again

TL/DR: Here’s some nonsense. Enjoy. Remix. Repeat.